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The Bat Shit Crazy Right

September 2, 2012 -- No offense, but, these days, what passes for a “republican” looks very much like a bat-shit-crazy cave dweller. Dang, they’ll pretty much admit that with pride. And that punch-drunk group calling themselves “democrats”, unholy shit! They couldn’t muster a gonad for all the money they get from British Petroleum (BP). Geldings. The whole useless gaggle of them.

C’mon, all together now, ‘The government is bought and sold!’ The motto of these good ‘ol boys’ and girls’ is: “I-can-be-had-for-the-right-price. Try me?”. Plantation America for Prosperity would be their name, but they don’t want to be too obvious. Based just on their platform republicans should already have been raptured. I mean disappeared. Into the Twilight Zone from whence they came.

The really sad thing about government is that the handful of people still holding reverence for the Constitution like Dennis Kucinich, Bernie Sanders and...ahhhh...errrrrrr...well, they’re pretty much relegated to the back of the bus. Pelosi and Reid are very good at keeping potential leaders away from the microphones. We need lions to chew our way through the scum bags masquerading as elected officials of a representative government.

Over the past decade, knowing what you know now, how would you vote? Don’t say the democrats and republicans are the only 2 choices. It’s crazy. There is the Libertarian Party, Green Party, Constitution Party, Justice Party and a few more, but the point is there are better people offering better ideas than the 2 parties that wallow in money from the wealthy who hold our government hostage. Send a lamb to do a lion’s job and you get a slick, double talking asshole weighing every word on how much money he/she will make for lying to you.

Although books have already been written about the illusion of elections and I’ll never do justice them so try to find a great book called Votescam: The Stealing of America by James M. Collier and Kenneth F. Collier, an easy read from two brothers that should be hailed as authentic patriots and visit the site Black Box Voting for more detailed info or just put election fraud in your favorite search engine. Keep in mind that Google seems to be making searches for such terms a bit time consuming.

“Holy crap, Batman! They just want to make Obama look bad...”

It’s the only thing ”progressives” have to trumpet and it’s both a shame and disturbing. Their endless, self-righteous criticism of the right is no substitute for a positive message of support for Obama. Tell me why I should vote for him, not why the other guy is worse than him. I'm finished getting sucked in by you bassturds selling me shit that you claim doesn't smell as bad as the other guy's shit. Shit is shit and I have had enough.

What is wrong with progressives is they uniformly dismissed discussion of any candidate other than Barak Obama and while you would think progressives would have a sense of responsibility to offer up some delightful, positive policies or programs to hang their hats on, but no, for their #1 exclusive candidate, the only tune they play up is the smell of shit. No more you pseudo liberal hacks.

Keep in mind that this nation arrived at this perilous cliff because we bought your partisan, political bull shit. I don't care if the shit comes from a Cow, Yak or directly from the gold trimmed porcelain bowl of the master bath in residence level of the White House. Ain't gonna buy it this time. Sell me something positive - if you have it?

Their coordinated braying is so uniform in both radio and television it has become progressive dogma. Frankly, their endless carping looks, sounds and reeks of exactly what neo-cons did for Bush/Cheney. The strategy is the same, the voices are the same, only the characters have changed to pander to their partisan, shit smelling proclivities.

The “progressive” cabal has trashed its original proclamations to “push” Obama to do the right thing. WTF? 60 million people voting him in office didn't get the job done?